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10th Grade

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery) testing will be provided to all 10th graders in November 2016 (dates to be determined) at Bradford Area High School to further explore potential career paths and/or opportunities for your children.

9th Grade

9th graders will be exposed to the Career Cruising program ( in the first semester of their Success 101 classes in order to formally begin the career exploration process.  The timing of the use of this program is crucial as students begin selecting their 10th grade courses including elective choices in February.  Students will have the opportunity to take a highly accurate assessment tool entitled, the "Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory" which is based on a methodology that is respected and admired everywhere it is used as it has been noted that it is more powerful than any other interest assessment.  In fact, Matchmaker doesn't just provide students with a ranked list of careers they should learn more about, it explains why.  Furthermore, the depth of this assessment tool gives students valuable insights that they can use as a springboard to further career exploration and discover, making the learning process a rewarding and enriching experience!