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Raptor Visitor Management System
Posted on 08/02/2019
Visitor PassThe safety of students and staff is a top priority at Bradford Area School District.  The District is pleased to announce the recent installation of the Raptor Visitor Management System at each school.  Beginning on Monday, August 19th, the Raptor system will allow administrators to know who is in every school, every day; and will verify the identity of visitors, keep track of check-in and check-out times and print custom visitor badges.

Please take a moment to review these frequently asked questions regarding the Raptor system and the new processes in place for visiting Bradford Area School District schools.

What is the purpose of the Raptor system?

Raptor helps schools keep unwanted visitors out and track visitors that have been allowed in.  By proactively alerting personnel to specific potential threats, Raptor allows school administrators and law enforcement personnel to take appropriate steps to keep students, employees and visitors safe.  The system also prints badges that include the visitor’s name, photo, date, time and destination.  These badges enable personnel within the building to quickly determine if visitors are in areas where they should, or should not, be.

How will the Raptor system change the way I check into my child’s school?

Effective Monday, August 19, 2019, all school visitors must present a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID in order to access areas beyond the office while school is in session.  Identification will also be required to check students out of school. Identifications will be scanned into the Raptor system to create a visitor badge.  In addition, the system instantly screens the visitor’s information against the national sex offender registry, alerts staff to potential custody concerns and is capable of transmitting a silent emergency alarm that notifies school officials.

What types of government-issued IDs are acceptable?

All visitors attempting to gain access to the building for the first time must present a valid government-issued photo identification, limited to the following five ID types:

1. Driver’s License
2. State-Issued ID
3. U.S. Military ID
4. U.S. Passport
5. Permanent Resident Card

Bradford Area School District reserves the right to accept or reject other forms of government-issued identification.

What if the visitor has no government-issued ID?

Individuals will not be allowed to access school areas beyond the office without presenting an acceptable form of identification.

What information is the school taking from the photo ID?

Raptor only uses the visitor’s name, birth date, and photo for comparison with the national registered sex offender database and a custom database containing private alerts specific to the school.  Raptor does not gather additional visitor data, and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization.

Is an ID card scan necessary each time a person comes in the building?

A government-issued photo ID must be presented each and every time a visitor enters a school.  After the first scanning, office personnel may find the visitor’s name in the system and sign the visitor in manually.  This makes check in much easier after the initial visit.

Where do I enter the building?

All visitors are asked to enter each school building through the front main doors and report to the main office.

What is the visitor check out process for leaving the building?

When visitors have completed their visit, they should check out at the school office and return their visitor badge to office personnel for disposal.

Do employees check in through the Raptor system?

No.  Employees enter the buildings as usual. All employees are required to wear District-issued ID badges at all times when on campus.

Do students check in through the Raptor system?

No.  Students enter the building as usual.

Are vendors and contractors scanned with the Raptor system?

Yes.  All visitors will be required to present a government-issued photo ID for scanning.  Delivery service personnel are excluded as they do not enter student occupied areas of the building and are always escorted by District staff.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. Please contact your child’s school administrators or call the Administration Office at (814) 362-3841
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