School Bus Rules & Consequences


The Bradford Area School District’s student transportation goal is to provide a safe and pleasant ride to and from school. We have developed the following student management procedures to ensure our goal is accomplished. Every student rider should familiarize themselves with these instructions as they will be consistently enforced on every bus. The consequences will accumulate until the end of the school year and will start over at the beginning of each school year.

School Bus Rules

1. Follow the driver’s directions the first time they are given.

2. Stay seated. No standing when the bus is in motion.

3. Keep head, hands and feet inside bus and to yourself.

4. No drinking, eating, cursing or loud talking.

5. Be at bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

Elementary Consequences

1. Verbal Warning.

2. Conference with student

3. New seat assignment and phone home to parent.

4. Suspension.

Secondary Consequences.

1. Verbal Warning.

2. New seat assignment, note sent home and meeting with a discipline coordinator.

3. Suspension.

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