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Official Transcript Request

Past and present students can request an official transcript be sent to an employer or any post-secondary institution by completing a Transcript Release Form in the high school guidance office.  For those unable to complete the form in person, individuals may request this information by fax or email by providing the following information:

Full name

Name and Address of Employer or College

Graduation Year from BAHS

Date of Birth

Last four digits of Social Security Number

Maiden Name (if applicable)



It should be noted that it may take 3-5 days to process and send transcripts during high volume request times. 

Please contact Lynne Eschrich (Guidance Secretary) via email ( or by phone at (814) 362-3845, extension 5314 with questions.  If you are requesting an official transcript be sent to an employer or college, you can fax it to Lynne's attention at (814) 362-1765 as well.

Lastly, official transcripts are not permitted to be sent to any student (past or present).  Current students can obtain an unofficial transcript for college, employment or scholarship purposes by contacting their current guidance counselor.