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New Student Registration

For new students planning to enroll at Bradford Area High School, it is suggested you make contact with Christine Bartlett at (814) 362-3841, extension 2518 or at to make an appointment to retrieve and complete an enrollment packet.  Her office is located at our administrative offices at 150 Lorana Avenue.  Once the enrollment packet is completed in its entirety, Mrs. Bartlett will make contact with the previous school district to request student records including: grades, credits completed, attendance, discipline, test scores, support services, etc.  When this information is obtained, Mrs. Bartlett transfers the folder and information to Terri Costello at Bradford Area High School who then makes contact with the respective Guidance Counselor assigned to your child.  Once the Guidance Counselor has an opportunity to review the information and make contact with the previous school (if necessary), he or she will make contact with the student and family to begin the scheduling and enrollment process to enter your child into Bradford Area High School.