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Welcome to the Student Services Department
Student Services
Student Services

The Student Services Department provides developmental services that address students' needs throughout their district enrollment which include: guidance counseling, psychological services, health services, home and school visitor services, and social work services that support students in addressing academic, behavioral, health, personal and social development issues.  We also provide diagnostic, intervention and referral services for students experiencing problems attaining educational achievement appropriate to their learning potential.

The District's student services shall:
1.  Be an integral part of the instructional program at all levels of the school system.
2.  Provide information to students and parents/caregivers about the educational opportunities of the school's instructional
     program and how to access those opportunities.
3.  Provide career information and assessments to inform students and parents/caregivers about work and career options
     available to individual students.
4.  Provide basic health services required by law for students and provide information to parents/caregivers about the health
     needs of their children.